How it Works

How Does BossSms Works?


How To Send Bulk SMS at Cheapest rate

To get started, you will need to get an account with our online SMS system.

Sending bulk SMS is done online most of the time. Though, it is possible to send text message through someone's phone but if you need to send text message to about 500 to 1000 people, you will discover that it won't be easy to use handset to do that.

 ~ Log on to our website with your computer or mobile phone

~ Click on create acccount

~ Type in your details like name, user name, valid email, password and click on Register.

~ Log on to your email and activate your account by clicking on the link that was sent there.(NOTE: if didn't see any email in your inbox, check your "SPAM BOX" to see the message for your confirmation link.)

~ Log in to this website with your username and password that you used to open the account.

~ When that unit is exhausted, then you can start to buy at a very cheap price. You can also buy online by typing in the number of UNITS you want to buy and clicking BUY NOW on the site and following the steps as guided by the site.

~ When you want to pay to the bank, use your username as depositor so that you can easily be credited once your payment is confimed.

~ After that, you can now send sms to as many numbers as you wish.


Why BossSms?

Cheapest Sms to all Networks

We offer of the cheapest pricing model in the industry at N1:50k/SMS. But most importantly we delivery to all GSM network in Nigeria at the rate of 1 Unit/SMS (MTN Inclusive). This afford our clients to plan and budget their messaging cost. This make us stand out as our pricing model fosters transparency and trust. No unit calculation hassle, no hidden charges! Please click here for more info on our pricing.


Incredibly Fast

BossSms messaging service is very fast. In other words, you're just a click away from your target group.


Extremely Easy

BossSms allows you to send an unlimited number of messages to multiple recipients in a few simple steps. It is engaging and easy to use web-based text messaging solutions.


Unbelievably Effective

98% of all SMS messages are read immediately! In addition, the costs are low and the return on investment is quite high.


Online Payment

To avoid the stress and hassle of going to make payment in the bank, you can buy Boss Sms Units online real-time using Naira Debit Card (ATM Card)