Refer and Earn


What is Refer and Earn?
Boss Sms Refer & Earn offers everyone the opportunity to Invites people (Friends, Family Members, Colleague, etc) to join Boss Sms and you get 2% - 5% of every sms units they buy or recharge. When you refer your friends to Boss Sms, you earn sms units  on the first SMS units they purchase at the begining of the month. Those whom you refer can also refer their friends in which they also earn sms units on the first SMS units the referrals purchase at the begining of the month.

Who Are My Referrals?
Your Referrals are people (friends) you refer to join Boss SMS or people (friends) that Activated you as their Referrer.

How Can I Refer Someone?

1. Be a registered member of  Bosssms
2. Those you want to refer must also register (registration is free!)
3. When they want to make payment they must put your username with their username (E.g if Ifeoma refers Adamu, the referer will be  Ifeoma). If they make payment through the Online Payment or Bank Payment, Select the Options Below
4. The referrer gets 2% to 5% of the purchased sms units
5. As many referred individuals make use of the service as many SMS units the referrer gets


Who Can I Refer To BossSMS to Increase My Referral Points Massively?

To help you take full advantage of this provision, we have put together for you a list of people and/or groups likely to be interested in bulk SMS service. Click Here and  You might just find out they are closer to you than you imagined.

How Do I Get Paid?
Your Boss SMS Account is  credited with 2% to 5% of the equivalent amount of sms unit immediately your referrals buy or recharge, depending on the amount of purchase.

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